Tips for a Good Recovery: This is not a doctor's advice! Always confirm with you physician.

If you don't take your femur fracture recovery seriously you can experience deformity or infection. Both are horrible. Nobody wants to have a limp the rest of their life. If the femur is not treated appropriately and in a timely manner then it could start healing incorrectly. The femur bone will mend itself in a deformed position, and if you ever want it to be "normal" again then you'll have to get it re-broken and suffer the pain of healing all over again. *Note: In most femur fracture cases you will be in so much pain that there is no other option than going to the hospital immediately.

Even worse than this is the possibility of infection. An infection around your femur is even worse because of the amount of major tissue and the femoral artery which carries a lot of blood. Even after the inital femur fracture treatment you will have wounds from the surgery that need care. I had 30 staples on my right side holding the incisions together (no stitches). Most of the staples were along the main incision near my hip. This is where the titanium implant was put inside my femur. There were also two screws in my knee and one around the top of my femur to hold the femoral implant in place. Each "screwhole" had two staples dressing the incision.

Everyday those wounds need to be cleaned and re-dressed. The doctor and nurses will teach you how they should be cared for. Iodine, Q-tips, and bandages are usually part of that procedure. The staples will need to stay on for a two or three weeks. They will be itchy! Try not to scratch them. Unlike a stitch, the staples aren't really "tied" in to your skin. They will pop out fairly easily. The longer you leave the staples in, the less noticable the scarring from your femur fracture surgery. You'll end up going to the doctor and he will take a pair of needle nose pliers to "pluck" those staples out. Avoid being a tough guy/gal and take care of those wounds... even a small infection can lead to huge complications.

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